Did you know that the Québec government invests as much as, if not more than, the average among OECD countries, despite the fact that the GDP share allocated to R&D has decreased in recent years? This section presents funding levels and research and development expenditure in Québec, compared with the other Canadian provinces and OECD countries. Where is Québec on the world map of R&D? How can we characterize its research effort? What is the government’s contribution to R&D funding? The Observatoire des sciences et des technologies offers insight into the situation with an analysis of the main research investment indicators.

Disclaimer: Please note the following indicators are only available in French.

Québec’s global research effort

  1. 1.1Gross domestic expenditure on R&D: Québec losing momentum
  2. 1.2Gross domestic expenditure on R&D/GDP: Québec still the leader in Canada, but…
  3. 1.3Research personnel: an increasing proportion are researchers
  4. 1.4Research personnel: Québec still among the head of the pack
  5. 1.5R&D researchers: Québec in a strong position

Composition of R&D

  1. 1.8The importance of the higher education sector in GERD performance
  2. 1.12GERD performance sectors: differ according to research field
  3. 1.6GERD funding: less from business and more from the Québec government
  4. 1.7GERD funding flow: the weights of the various actors
  5. 1.9Québec R&D in the industry sector: on the decline
  6. 1.10Québec R&D in the higher education sector: growing
  7. 1.11Québec R&D in the government sector: less present
  8. 1.13R&D researchers: the vast majority are in the business sector
  9. 1.14Composition of R&D staff: varies according to sector of performance