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3. Scientific output

Despite its small size, Québec is holding its own in the global production of knowledge. The publications and collaborations of Québec researchers attest to the quality of their work. What fields and disciplines have the greatest potential benefits? Where do we stand when it comes to intersectoral collaboration? How does Québec compare to other provinces and OECD countries? The Observatoire des sciences et des technologies has documented 11 indicators to determine the position of Québec research on the world map of science.

The data on scientific publications presented here are taken from the Thomson Reuters Web of Science (WoS) database. WoS covers the 12,000 most highly cited peer-reviewed journals in the world (as selected by Thomson Reuters). Every journal included in WoS is considered to be among the most renowned and credible in its field. The data do not provide an exhaustive view of all written works by Québec researchers: books and book chapters, articles published in local or national journals, communications documents and grey literature are not indexed in the WoS, and are therefore not taken into account in this analysis. On the other hand, the WoS data covers those publications by Québec researchers that are the most internationally visible and therefore the most likely to be cited. As such, they provide a solid comparative basis for measuring the scientific output of Québec researchers and evaluating its scientific impact.

Disclaimer: Please note the following indicators are only available in French.

Other quantitative aspects of scientific activity: