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The FRQ invest $261.6M in the 2022–2023 awards and grants

Chief Scientist Rémi Quirion and the scientific directors of the Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ)—Janice Bailey of the FRQNT, Carole Jabet of the FRQS and Louise Poissant of the FRQSC—are pleased to announce the results of the 2022–2023 regular competitions. This year, the FRQ will offer $39.3M in training awards, $8M in career grants and $19.7M in research grants totalling $67M in new funding for 2022–2023. With these commitments, the FRQ will invest $71.2M in awards and $190.4M in grants this year for a total of $261.6M.

The FRQ are also pleased to announce that doctoral training award holders are now eligible for a fourth year of funding, not conditional upon the submission of a thesis. Made possible by credits under the Stratégie québécoise de recherche et d’investissement en innovation 2022-2027 (SQRI2) and confirmed by the Québec government on May 19, the measure is aimed at 2022–2023 doctoral training award winners and holders since 2018-2019. A significant number of PhD students will take advantage of the extension, demonstrating the strong support the FRQ has pledged to the student community.

Further details on the 2022–2023 awards and grants are available here:

In addition, the FRQ’s Intersectoral Programs Directorate of Societal Challenges and Intersectoral Networks is very pleased to confirm the 2022–2023 awards and grants offered as part of its programs.

A portion of the funding is made possible by financial support granted to the FRQ under the SQRI2. Over the next five years, an additional $320M will be dedicated to the FRQ’s various areas of intervention.

Today’s announcement provides an impetus for the second edition of the Propulsons ensemble la recherche digital campaign, which will be official launched on June 6. This year’s FRQ award winners and current award holders are invited to take part in the movement to support government research and show their pride as members of the #FRQcommunity!


“With these investments in research and research training, it is the Québec of tomorrow that stands to win. The awards and grants will prepare a new generation of experts and support the advancement of knowledge and innovation in all their forms. Today’s announcements reflect the significant contribution of the SQRI2 to the research and innovation ecosystem through the FRQ over the next five years.”
- Rémi Quirion, Chief Scientist of Québec


Benoit Sévigny
Director, Communications and Knowledge Mobilization
Fonds de recherche du Québec