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The Healthy School Approach

In recent decades, Québec has seen an alarming increase in the prevalence of obesity among young people and the risk of chronic disease within its population. In this context, the implementation of measures for the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits among school-age children is becoming an increasingly urgent health concern for the government of Québec.

The Healthy School Approach is a promising and innovative avenue.

The Healthy School Approach (HSA) is a promising and innovative avenue for encouraging the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits within the school environment. While this type of approach is recommended by leading international health organizations, knowledge about the implementation and effects of such initiatives is still limited.

This research was conducted to gain a better understanding of the factors that encourage or hinder the dissemination of HSA in Québec schools. Dialogue and collaboration between different decision-making bodies have emerged as determining factors in aligning stakeholder actions and in ensuring that support for this type of approach is provided in a sustainable manner. This continuity is essential for achieving significant improvements in healthy lifestyle habits, health-promoting behaviours and academic success among Québec's youth.


Main researcher: Marthe Deschesnes, Institut national de santé publique du Québec / Université du Québec en Outaouais

Original title: Les facteurs influençant la dissémination et l'adoption de l'approche « École en santé »

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