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Studying Youth Gambling Problems

Research studies during this period were conducted in the U.S., Canada, Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Iceland and South America. The Centre continued to focus its work on the collection of new data, presentations of clinical and research findings, preparation and publication of manuscripts, the development and distribution of prevention materials for schools, national and international presentations, and legislative, clinical and community consultations and training.

Our treatment program for adolescent gamblers has continued to meet community needs.

Our treatment program for adolescent gamblers, through McGill's Psychoeducational & Counselling Clinic, has continued to meet community needs. An innovative web-based interactive help line and pilot project, funded by the Max Bell Foundation, was completed to help youth with gambling and gambling-related problems. Consultations with the Ministry of Health in British Columbia to establish a similar program have begun. The clinical and research team has provided numerous local, national and international media consultations including participation on FQRSC's scientific advisory committee for its recently held symposium, and has been actively engaged in participating in seminars locally, nationally, and internationally.

The Centre remains active in consulting with legislators and in developing responsible social policies. To this end Drs. Derevensky and Gupta were invited to Sweden, U.S., U.K., Hong Kong, Norway, Brazil, Slovenia, Italy, South Korea, Singapore and other jurisdictions in Canada to discuss their work. Dr. Derevensky remains a member of the International Advisory Board, Ministry of Health, Singapore. A number of legislative briefs have been provided to multiple government agencies nationally and internationally.

The Centre's work continues to be performed in six primary domains: Research, Training, Prevention, Treatment, Information Dissemination and Service/Consultation.


Main researcher: Jeffrey L. Derevensky, McGill University

Original title: Centre international d'étude sur le jeu et les comportements à risque chez les jeunes

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