Intersectoral research

The Fonds de recherche du Québec intend to play a key role in supporting intersectoral research activities. In addition to increasing Québec’s research and innovation potential, intersectoral research ensures the position and outreach of Québec research in Canada and internationally on a number of topics representing major societal challenges.

The major challenges facing society are multiple, multidimensional and inescapable. Be it demographic change, the aging of the population, the environmental crisis, sustainable development, entrepreneurship, or the omnipresence of digital environments, all require an appropriate response. To that end, intersectoral research is a fruitful path to addressing key societal concerns and contributing to scientific advances, building not only on the assets of each sector, but on the networking and cross-pollination of scientific knowledge, approaches and cultures. Furthermore, the intersectoral approach appears to be a promising paradigm and a powerful lever for finding solutions that are both innovative and socially acceptable. At the international level, research organizations are increasingly focusing on intersectorality as a catalyzer for innovation of all kinds (scientific, technological, medical, economic, cultural, social, aesthetic…). Québec intends to position itself as a world leader in this field.

Resource person: Denise Pérusse, Director, Societal Challenges and Intersectoral Networking