Biennial conference of the International Network for Government Science Advice (INGSA)

Rémi Quirion, Chief Scientist of Québec, was elected Vice Chair of INGSA during INGSA’s biennial conference held in Tokyo, Japan on November 6-7, 2018. The Chief Scientist also presented Montreal’s application to host the 2020 conference, a proposal that received warm applause from the audience and was accepted by INGSA’s executive committee.

During the biennial conference, whose theme was “Science Advice for a Changing World”, Rémi Quirion led a plenary session “From local to global government advices: Practical lessons learned as inaugural  Québec Chief Scientist”. He also took part in the round table discussion “Mapping critical policy nodes – Identifying the articulation points between interacting SDGs and domestic policy priorities”.

Mylène Deschênes, FRQ Director of ethical and legal affairs, also attended the conference and took part in the round table discussion “Human wellbeing in a digital age – Are new measures and considerations needed in the face of pervasive technology?”.