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No, physicists will not create a black hole that will swallow the Earth (French version only)

Le Détecteur de rumeurs est produit par l’Agence Science-Presse, en partenariat avec les Fonds de recherche du Québec et le Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire L’information qui circule sur les réseaux sociaux a de quoi créer un certain émoi : le Large Hadron Collider (LHC), cet énorme accélérateur de particules situé à la frontière franco-suisse, serait […]

The ocean’s memory

The Earth used to be warmer than it is today. It may be hard to believe, but around 125,000 years ago, the planet was two degrees warmer than it is now, which corresponds to the warming predicted by 2050. “Why not study this warm period in order to better anticipate our future climate?” questioned Anne de […]

Reconstructing climate at the bottom of lakes

The beds of certain lakes contain veritable archives: the sediments that accumulate there over time provide valuable information about past climatic and hydrological conditions. However, we need to be able to find these lacustrine archives and know how to read them… Pierre Francus, a researcher at the Eau Terre Environnement Centre at INRS, set out […]

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Future Earth

Future Earth is an international research platform whose goal is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the implementation of solutions for sustainable development and the fight against climate change. The organization, which works in collaboration with societal partners and the users of researchers, operates in five large cities on three continents: Montréal (Canada), […]

In the media… in 2015

Date  Media Article December 23, 2015 Le Devoir Des projets de recherche sont attendus à Montréal December 2, 2015 La Presse + Obstacles en série (Dossier : Accès à l’information) December 2, 2015 La Presse + Plus de temps consacré aux démarches qu’à l’analyse (Dossier : Accès à l’information) December 2, 2015 La Presse Loi […]

In the media… in 2014

Date  Media Article December 12, 2014 Agence Science-Presse Coupure et culture scientifique : La hache contre la plume December 5, 2014 La Presse + Les biotechs et les universitaires se réorganisent December 1, 2014 The Hill Times Power, promise of synthetic biology: time is now to invent our future November 21, 2014 Flash InVivo Engagement […]