Interuniversity Research Group in Limnology


Département des sciences biologiques
Université du Québec à Montréal
C.P. 8888 Succ. Centre-Ville
Montréal, QC, H3C 3P8


  • Facilitate novel and cutting-edge research on freshwaters by answering fundamental questions and paradigms in the aquatic sciences and by studying local and regional problems associated with climatic and environmental change, including those related to human activities.
  • Serve as a platform to stimulate synergy and collaboration among its members.
  • Provide easy access to high-level infrastructure and technical resources.
  • Foster training of highly qualified personnel, ensuring that they are equipped to rise to the future challenges in their research area.


  1. Assist its members and the various actors engaged with Québec’s freshwaters in the study of complex questions relating to aquatic ecosystems, at regional to global scales, by enabling integrated approaches, the collaboration of researchers from multiple disciplines and the use of cutting-edge technologies.
  2. Promote the professional and academic development of its members, especially new researchers, and to facilitate their integration within national and international research networks.
  3. Offer members and their collaborators access to services, human resources and major infrastructure that are essential to achieve their research goals, including specialized analytical laboratories, research stations and the research vessel Lampsilis.
  4. Train researchers and highly qualified personnel by offering our students and postdocs the opportunity to work in a dynamic and stimulating environment, including multi-disciplinary approaches.
  5. Ensure the dissemination and transfer of knowledge to the potential users of research results.

Research Axes

  • Axis 1 – Freshwater Ecosystem Biocomplexity
  • Axis 2 – Current Challenges Facing Freshwater Ecosystem

*The mission comes from the group’s website.