Journées de la relève en recherche

Since 2013, at the start of every academic year, Acfas and the Fonds de recherche du Québec co-organize two days devoted entirely to supporting and showing appreciation for the next generation of researchers. Nearly 200 Master’s and PhD students and postdoctoral researchers from across Québec are invited to take part in some twenty training, discussion, networking and entertainment activities. The Acfas awards and those of its partners are also presented to the winning students during the event.

The Journées de la relève en recherche are structured around a series of thematic workshops aimed at developing graduate-level transversal skills (writing a funding application, giving a conference presentation, intellectual property, entrepreneurship, etc.). Seasoned researchers and research administrators share tips and advice on successfully completing a PhD and launching a research career.

As part of these Journées, the Fonds de recherché du Québec Intersectoral Student Committee (CIÉ) organized consultation activities to capture the opinion of students on issues such as professional integration beyond the university or the enhancement of the doctoral degree. In 2018, the CIÉ organized a simulation in partnership with the École de politique appliquée of Université de Sherbrooke and the team of the Montreal Declaration for a Responsible Development of Artificial Intelligence. During this activity, about fifteen students took the opportunity to write a policy brief on a subject related to a social issue, namely artificial intelligence.

To access the policies wrote by the students, see Appendix 2 in the report of the Montreal Declaration for a Responsible Development of Artificial Intelligence.


L’ABC d’une recherche responsable with Raphaëlle Dupras-Leduc and Catherine Olivier
Les mécanismes de l’évaluation des demandes de bourses : de la théorie à la pratique with Julien Chapdelaine
Tirer profit des médias sociaux pour valoriser sa recherche : devenir influenceur scientifique ? with Julien Chapdelaine

For more information:

Julien Chapdelaine, conseiller stratégique – médias sociaux. Member of the Acfas’ committee for the Journées de la relève en recherche.

Sarah Bitter, coordonnatrice du Comité intersectoriel étudiant


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