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Public servants and members of governments need scientific evidence to take informed decisions and design public policy. Usually, the research community is in a position to meet the needs, provided that the scientific and governmental networks are linked, especially when the challenge requires a collaboration between different departments.

The workshops in science advice designed by the International Network for Governmental Science Advice (INGSA) may strengthen these links. Tested dozens of times all over the world, INGSA workshops gather during a day a group of about 50 participants, from both governments and research, to realize a fictional case study, in which researchers and decision makers should exchange and work together. Positioned in different virtual situations, participants have the opportunity to play the role of ministers, chief of staff, researchers, and so to better understand the reality and the complexities of an environment they may not know as well as they would like.

After the success of a first workshop in March 2019 in Québec (video clip), the Chief Scientist of Québec aims to develop several science advice workshops in the province, from February 2020 to January 2022.

Call for proposals

This call for proposals is aimed at representatives from public and parapublic organizations who intend to reinforce the science and policy relations in their region and in their field. By organizing an INGSA workshop in science advice, selected organizations allow participants to:

  1. refine their knowledge of an environment in which they are not familiar (either government, either research) and to tackle the complexity of the relations between these two environments;
  2. network with people having the same interests;
  3. develop a strategic intervention on science advice in the context of the region/domain.

For further details on INGSA workshops in science advice, refer to specifications.


All public organizations are eligible to submit a proposition, in regard of this list from Québec Government. Municipalities, health and social-services establishments, educational institutions, universities and colleges are also eligible. Specific conditions apply to Québec departments, which shall directly make contact with FRQ for further information.


The Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ) grant 5000$ to the selected organization, in order to cover organization and travel expenses directly related to the workshop.

Specific conditions apply to Québec departments. Representatives from departments should make direct contact with the Chief Scientist Office (contact below), for further information.


The submitted proposals should include:

1. A 3 page letter, describing:

  • The potential pool of participants for the workshop (region or domain): students from a university, stakeholders in a watershed, civil servants from a regional public health department, etc.
  • Specific objectives for the participants and for the organization (ex: improve collaboration with municipalities during crisis, better display evidence in parliamentary commissions, strengthen links between a ministry and a research centre, etc.) These objectives should be defined in the large perspective of science & policy relations.
  • The projects of the candidates regarding the case studies. Do they intend to use an existing one from INGSA or to design a new one? If so, give some insight of the case study to be developed.
  • An overview of the expected mentors.
  • Other corporative partners, if needs be.
  • The expected date and place for the workshop.

2. The form (available here) filled with coordinates of the signatory of the agreement and coordinates of the person in charge of the workshop organization.

3. A planning (one page), including the main stages indicated in the INGSA workshop specifications and the expected date of the workshop (between February 2020 and January 2022).

4. A projected budget (one page), including expected expenses and possible grants.

Selection process and evaluation criteria

The call for proposals will be open from October 30th, 2019 to October 29th, 2021. Propositions will be evaluated every four months by a selection committee, chaired by an FRQ representative and including an INGSA evaluator.

The evaluation criteria are the following:

  • Development potential of relations between research community and governments;
  • Development potential of skills for the research community and/or for civil servants, in the domain of science advice or evidence-based policy making;
  • Respect of INGSA specifications (lien);
  • Organization competence (ability of the organization to organize the event and profile of the person in charge of the organization).

Granting and follow-up

  • The applicant must accept the grant within 30 days after receiving the competition results
  • The selected organization includes an FRQ representative to the workshop organization committee
  • If the latter, the new case study should be submitted to FRQ 3 weeks before the workshop in order to be approved by INGSA.
  • The selected organization invites a representative from FRQ and INGSA to attend the workshop
  • The organization committee sends a 5 to 15 pages report to FRQ and INGSA, at least 3 months after the event and, if the latter the new case study for publication in INGSA website.
  • Hosting organizations offer the possibility for INGSA and FRQ to invite them to be added to their network list, in order to communicate science&policy information, as INGSA 2020 conference.

Submitting your application and further information

Propositions will be sent in PDF format to Julie Dirwimmer, by email, at all times between October 30th, 2019 and October 29th, 2021.

Julie Dirwimmer
Conseillère principale, relations sciences & société
Bureau du scientifique en chef du Québec
514 873-2114, ext. 1284


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