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As part of the OSEntreprendre Challenge, college and university research students who start their own business during their academic studies are invited to apply for the “Étudiant créateur d’entreprise” award, funded by the Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ). Candidates are evaluated on the basis of their entrepreneurial profile, the viability of their project, and their contribution to the development of the socioeconomic milieu in which the business operates. Award recipients receive a prize of $500 at the regional level, and a prize of $5,000 at the national level.

Since 2017, the FRQ have been working with OSEntreprendre, an organization that mobilizes a large network of partners to inspire as many people as possible to believe in themselves and start their own business. This partnership centres on the organization’s flagship event, the OSEntreprendre Challenge, an award competition held every year at the local, regional and national levels to identify and showcase entrepreneurial initiatives in Québec.

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