Future Earth

Future Earth is an international research platform whose goal is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and the implementation of solutions for sustainable development and the fight against climate change. The organization, which works in collaboration with societal partners and the users of researchers, operates in five large cities on three continents: Montréal (Canada), Paris (France), Tokyo (Japan), Stockholm (Sweden) and Boulder, Colorado (USA). Montréal was chosen in 2015 to host the headquarters of the Executive Director as well as one of the organization’s five global hubs.

All Québec universities, as well as several ministries (MRIF, MDDECC, etc.), the City of Montréal and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) are involved in Future Earth. The creation of a Montréal hub is an opportunity for Québec to be at the leading edge of a movement based on a unifying integrated research framework and an ambitious approach that crosses disciplines, borders and development models and requires the mobilization and concentration of resources to respond to a major societal and environmental challenge. For Québec, the choice of Montréal as a global secretariat hub has the added advantages of attracting a greater number of top international students in all environmental research fields, securing a greater share of national and international funding, and putting Québec at the forefront of sustainable development research.

Since 2014-2015, the FRQ have funded activities for the dissemination, promotion and coordination of new interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to research on three themes: Dynamic Planet, Global Sustainable Development and Transformations towards Sustainability.